Mentech Awarded ‘Member for Technical Standard Formulation’ Title by CQC.

Date of issue:2020-12-04


On September 10th, 2020, China Quality Certification Centre, a.k.a CQC, hosted an event in Shenzhen publicizing standard for switch-mode power supply (SMPS). In the awarding ceremony, Mentech was awarded the title ‘Member for Technical Standard Formulation’, commending its contribution to the standardization process from its early-stage drafting throughout to final conclusion.

On August 21st, 2020, switch-mode power supply was officially included as a product category in Shenzhen Standard Certification, a certification intended for promoting products of higher quality. This also witnessed the first link-up between CQC certification and Shenzhen Standard Certification as Shenzhen Standard Certification adopted CQC’s highest grade of technical requirement for SMPS.

Switch-mode power supply plays a crucial role in delivering and converting electrical power. As new industries such as 5G, IoT and new energy continue to grow exponentially, SMPS is projected to see rapid growth in both demand and technology innovation.  

The Power Division of Mentech has an exceptional management team and experienced Q&A, providing customers with high quality industrial power supplies, chargers, power adapters, fast chargers and other energy efficient products with dedication to perfect details and product quality. We are much honored to become a certified member for industrial standard formulation and will carry on with greater effort in bringing technology innovation to the industry.

Leading up to the end of the event, Mentech‘s representatives participated in an initiative in which representatives from different company would join together and visit at least 100 companies in the industry, raising awareness of the new standard and providing technical services such SMPS prototyping and testing.